Easter win


It's Easter! So in the tradition of collecting a basket full of chocolate and making yourself sick before you've even had breakfast, what do you do when your kid doesn't quite understand about chocolate and how damn wonderful it actually is? You simply avoid! For the most part...

Our son is 2.5 and for the most part doesn't eat a huge amount of sugar. He is obsessed with Wheatbix and theres a little sugar in that, we go out for a treat ice-cream once in awhile, he has jam toast at daycare and he as a marshmallow with his babychino when we go out for a coffee. Wait, he does have a bit of sugar! But these things aren't every day occurrences and when I bake I don't use sugar, and when I make ice (nice) cream, I don't use sugar. He doesn't know about lollies or lollipops or chocolate. Pretty much all of his home made treats are sweetened by fruit or fruit puree etc and I try to get the natural fruit or no added sugar treats from the supermarket for out-and-about snacks. I was such a sugar fiend as a kid, I wanted to put it off for him as long as I could!

So this Easter we made some serious use out of plastic egg shells and filled them with a fruit treats that he loves, strawberries, and topped up the rest with stickers and bubbles. 

I put one kinder egg in, but it was more for the toy inside. And the chocolate was more for me! In retrospect I could have just taken the toy out and out it inside one of the plastic eggs. He didn't really acknowledge the chocolate and has seemed to forget about it already so I'm just gonna go and hide it (IN MY MOUTH AMIRITE?!) out of his sight! 

I wonder how many years I can keep this tradition up?!