Fruit Bowls for days

I always forget that fruit is fricken delicious. When I think of fruit I instantly think of the old apples/bananas/oranges that were so overdone as a kid - BORING. If I want a sweet treat, my first instinct is ice-cream or a dounut (obvs) but we are trying to be as 'healthy' as we can at the moment so these sweet bundles of 'food therapy' are way out of the question.

When I was feeling low last week and Al asked if I wanted some fruit, I was less that enthusiastic. He came back from the supermarket with a plethora of different fruits spilling out of the shopping bags and together we cut it up and arranged it in the bowl. I'm a sucker for a well designed fruit platter and it was actually pretty nice to do together.  We took it into bed and ate it while indulging in the latest series we are watching together. It turned out to be just what I needed and I didn't feel like poop afterwards ( which I always do when I have bowls of ice-cream and multiple donuts... Surprising really!). I think what makes it so good is the effort you put in to making it look nice. Any ol' person can bite into a piece of fruit, but when you put effort in, it makes it much more enjoyable. ALSO, the kid freaking LOVES fruit, bonus! Making him a fruit bowl with all the fruit he loves is the best dessert option going round!  So, heres to more fruit bowls in the future! Get amongst it!

Indiana AventComment