Long haul flight snack pack!


So. I don't know about your kid, but mine gets on the verge of a meltdown if he is hungry. This means that we end up carrying snacks with us wherever we go, which is actually fine because it's also somethings that entertains him on say a 45 min tram ride into the city or in the car running errands and we know it's also taking the hangry edge off! So when thinking about being in transit for 15 hours, I wanted to be as prepared as I could be. Pretty much everything that we are taking is sugar free so we don't have to deal with the repercussions of a sugar fed toddler in a confined space with a bunch of people we don't know, and I know he loves everything that we are taking as most of the snacks are occasional 'treats' for him. He will be in heaven. 

First up, banana bread! 


This is a go to and a pretty constant thing in our house. It is the BEST banana bread recipe that I have ever found, and is paleo and sugar free. It is packed with protein and energy filled ingredients and the kid loves it (as do I)! I will freeze these and put them in a cooler bag with the yoghurt etc as they thaw perfectly well and will keep the cooler bag cooler for longer! 

Mmmmm yoghurt!


These squeezey packs of yoghurt are awesome and very loved in our family. They are the only squeezey kids yoghurt packets that I have found that don't have added sugar (I mean come on! As if it's even necessary!) and are a good filler!

Veggie veggie nom nom!!


This is my attempt at getting the kid to eat at least one green thing on the flight. It's very new that he is eating fresh or lightly steamed veggies, so we will see. He generally just eats the tops off the broccoli and has only just started eating cucumber because he wants to be like Mei from My Neighbor Totoro. Cute much?! If it happens it happens, if it doesn't, I get to eat it so... Win! 

Fresh fruit!


The kid loves hims some fresh fruit. I think any fresh ingredients in a day that is ultimately a full day of transit, is worth the effort to pack! He will gobble these bad boys up for sure. 



We are bringing some milk (longline for convenience) incase he wants some at an odd time in the journey. We will also be bringing along an empty sippy cup for the milk (and also juice if he has any as a treat) on the plane! Who wants to change clothes the least amount of times possible? Me! One of these will be for when we reach our hotel so we know he will definitely have some milk before he goes to sleep and we don't have to try and find some at 10pm. 

Yo(ghurt) drivin me crackers! 


These are the only thing that do have added sugar, but they are organic so they're fine, right? Kidding. I know they're not the best but the kid is obsessed with them and it will make a potential meltdown a chow-down fest instead! 



Because its the best. Also because he eats each popped kernel individually and it takes forever and he loves it. Also I got a huge pack as this will be a share-with-the-parentals snack.



Wouldn't eat the things myself, but the kid loves them. They are small packs which is great, and we will bring some extras for snacks when in Japan. they are very entertaining and once again, he eats them one by one. LOVE. IT. 

Fruit Wiggles!


This is a new thing for us, but the kid loves them. No added sugar, just fruit that is compressed (like a real fruit roll up type thing) and cut into strips. won't use them all but good to have on hand!

Smoothie melts! 


Also a new thing. Kind of like dehydrated fruit that melts in your mouth? A bit of a weird one but let me tell you, if the kid doesn't eat them, I for sure will. Yum! 

Crakers for the win! 


Saladas and Cheds. Need I say more? Massive win in our house for little filler snacks! 

Gummy bears!


This is purely for take off and landing for his ears, to make sure they pop with the change in air pressure. He never has lollies, in fact the one and only time he has had these gummy bears was when his little friend had some and gave him one to try and it was the cutest thing ever because he didn't know how to eat them properly. But although he thought they were strange he liked them so I thought it was a good choice for ear poppers. Won't bring them out again until the flight home me thinks!

So thats it! In a carry bag I put the fresh fruit and veg, yoghurt and banana bread down the bottom in a cooler bag and everything else on top, including his sippy cup. 


I want to keep all the food together in the one bag as I am doing with his Activity Bag. Makes things easier to navigate once seated on the flight as we can put the individual bags that we need under seats for easy access etc. 

I will update with a follow up post to let y'all know what worked and what didn't work, what I'd do again and what I could have done without. 

What are your go-to snack ideas for your kids in transit? Comment below!